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What is Partner Program? offers different type of partoner program that are closely related to the IT infurastructure About Reseller program, you can manage domain, hosting, SSL and others collectively and operate it smoothly by postpay. we also provide API which is enable automation and efficiency of work.

Reseller Program

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We are a one-stop web service provider, whether it be Domain, Hosting, Cloud, SSL, etc.We are a domain name registration service that is a Reseller directly to Verisign and has a lot of orders each year because we have Sales Domains for other providers in many countries, thus we get lower prices. And there is a promotion to promote sales coming from Verisign.

How to become Reseller

  • STEP 1

    Contact with support
    Please contact us. Our staff will contact you

  • STEP 2

    Fill out application form
    We will send you application form, please fill out
    the application form and send it back to us

  • STEP 3

    Create an account on
    We will create an account for you and apply
    special discount on your account

  • STEP 4

    Order from service site
    Postpay for one month, So you don't need
    to pay each time

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