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Z.com is a global brand of GMO Internet Group that provides comprehensive Internet infrastructure services such as: ISPs, Domain, Cloud, Hosting, Shopping Carts, Securities, Secure and Convenient Payments. Z.com is one of the Three domains in the world that can only use one letter are the most recognizable and well known in the Internet world.

In Laos, GMO-Z.com Lao Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of GMO Internet Group, which was official launched on November 19, 2019 as a one-stop services Internet Infrastructure provider that It is the safest and largest in Lao PDR.


Mr. Alivan SITHARA,

Although Laos is a landlocked country, it borders five surrounding countries and is an important geographic center in Southeast Asia. GMO-Z.com Lao leverages its portfolio to promote IT projects for the group by using its social and business connections to cooperate with many companies, including Japanese companies, to support business success in Lao PDR.

Mr.Futoshi EBATA,
Chief Executive officer (CEO)

What GMO-Z.com Lao is aiming forInternet services can be applied for and used online anywhere in the world, and it has long been said that they are "global services with no regional boundaries." That's true from the user's point of view. But is that true if you step into business use?We hope that Lao people will use international quality Internet services as "usable" without being aware of differences in languages and currencies, and contribute to the development of Laos' socio-economics.

Mr. Souphaphone PHETCHALERN,
General Manager (GM)

I'm proud to be a family of Z.com which we are at the period when you wake up before doing anything else, you must check cell phone for information or business of yours, and GMO-Z.com Lao company has grown with the growth of the IT society under the slogan "Internet for Everyone", which Z.com team will help you use the Internet to the most benefit and lead to a comfortable in future through online we hope to get continued support from you.

Mr. Chengxiong TONGNAMAVONG,
Sale Engineer

Don't stop here. Go on the next step, A precious goal still waiting for you right in front of you. Don't wait for an opportunity. Create an opportunity for yourself then your life will be successful. Don't do just the local business. This era is Easy Online. Let's do online business with the service of GMO-Z.com Lao and your business will expand widely.The transition to new technologies is similar to the Dusruptive approach to developing existing products to become better, more efficient, and overthrow traditional businesses.

Mr. Vilavanh PHATHEP,
Sale Engineer Assistant

From the use of technology people today, it can be seen that technology has an increasingly influential effect on our lives. As the world evolves every day, People pay more attention to technological developments. . Using the Internet is another option for everyone to use the Internet to improve their organization or business. GMO Z.com Lao is a one-stop Internet service company, you can let us be a part of growing your business.

Ms. Somsanith KHANTHAVONG,

Now we are in the era that we can communicate with anyone or purchase and sale anything from anywhere in this world just you can use internet, GMO-Z.com Lao is the provider of internet infrastructure in one-stop service, We provide the quality services with the international standard to customer and cheapest in Laos. we will help you to reach the most benefit from being digital business in digital era and your business can grown in world without borders.


Everyone started from being a seed until grow into a big tree. GMO-Z.com Lao started from a small seedling. That is ready to grow into a strong tree, rooted to be known as an international standard internet provider because "Internet for everyone"

Today our world is in the age of digital. We provide a one-stop of internet services to bring your business and Laos economy into a more modern era and develop the e-commerce in Laos We will provide the best service for you because you are not just a customer.

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