Z.com is the GMO Internet Group global brand.

This leading web address combined with leading products is set to drive global growth.
Z.com is one of only three single-character domain names available in the .com namespace
making it one of the most easily memorable domain names on the Internet.

Z.com What does it represent?

The last letter in the alphabet.Z is cutting edge.

As the last letter in the alphabet, Z represents "the last word","the ultimate".

The Z-axis provides a third dimension.

A graph with an x-axis and a y-axis is just a flat 2D image, but adding a z-axis makes it three dimensional. and provides greater depth of expression.
We think Z is the perfect symbol to represent our leading products and our drive to create and deliver services worldwide
that make Internet users happy and contribute value people's lives.

The world's most widely recognized domain.

As the world's most widely used and widely recognized Top Level Domain,and the original domain for commercial entities,
.com was the natural choice for a global brand.Securing Z in this space gives us a powerful tool as we break new ground in the global market place.